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A spectacular action-packed MMO


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Hundred Soul is an MMO with hack and slash gameplay and hints of role-playing, where you get to participate in action-packed combats in real time. Get ready to battle it out with all sorts of creatures in short and sweet missions.

In each setting, you have to defeat three hordes of enemies scattered around the small 3D settings. You'll run into big groups and creatures with surprisingly great graphics, since the game uses the Unreal Engine and has high production values.

As you complete each setting, you'll be able to improve your team and get new help to overcome challenges, including additional AI-controlled characters who will fight by your side automatically.

Hundred Soul is a great MMO for Android with an anime style and praiseworthy graphics, making for an experience that makes you feel like you're playing a console videogame.
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Hundred Soul, a spectacular action MMO for Android

Although the Android ecosystem is littered with MMOs dressed up with different mechanics, from time to time, true gems emerge that are superior to what we're used to seeing, and they can easily go unnoticed. Hundred Soul is a pocket hack and slash developed by Hound 13, the studio led by one of the founders of Eyedentity Games (creators of the successful Dragon Nest for PC) and made up of workers from other successful projects. After a million-dollar distribution agreement with the giant LINE, the game is starting off on its international journey. 
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Requires Android 5.1 or higher

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